Bodt Welding Consultancy

                                                              Use, Interpretation and Application of Welding Standards




Bodt Welding Consultancy (BWC) was founded in 2010 as a single man’s company serving the industry in the use, interpretation, and application of welding standards, rules, regulations, and directives. The actual knowledge in this field has been gathered throughout many years and is efficiently presented to the industry.
More than 40 years of CEN and ISO work were the basis of this knowledge.

The consultancy activity has come to an end on 31-12-2020.

BWC is still actively involved with the latest developments in the field of welding. Accents are on weld quality (EN-1090, EN-ISO 9606, EN-ISO 14732, EN‑ISO 15614, and EN-ISO 3834) and the international rules about training, education, qualification, and certification of persons and companies active in the field of welding.



Most important facts:


Afbeelding met persoon, muur, person, binnen

Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving


European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting (EWF)

·         Past member (1992 – 2020, President 2014-2016)

·         EWF Assessor (2001 – 2009); EWF Lead Assessor (2009 – 2021)


International Institute of Welding (IIW)

·         Member IIW Commission XIV: “Education and Training”

·         Member IIW Commission XVIII: “Quality Management in Welding and Allied Processes”

·         Member IIW WG-STAND


IIW – IAB the International Authorisation Board of the International Institute of Welding

·         Past member IAB Group A: “Education and Training” (2001 – 2020, Chairman 2011-2020)

·         Past member IAB Group B: “Authorisation and Qualification” (2001 – 2020)

·         IIW Assessor (2001 – 2009); IIW Lead Assessor (2009-2021)


Dutch Standards Committee (NEN)

·         Member and past Chairman of the Dutch Standards Committee 341 008 “Welding


Comité Européenne de Normalisation (CEN)

·         Member of CEN (Comité Européenne de Normalisation): TC 121, Welding


International Standards Organisation (ISO)

·         Member ISO/TC 44/SC 10 and SC 11

·         Past chairman of ISO/TC 44/SC 11/WG2 (update of the EN-ISO 14731)


Independent Welding Consultants Register (IWCR)

·         Co-founder and secretary of the Association IWCR



·         Knight in the Royal Order of Oranje Nassau.

·         Holder of the “Professor Jaeger medal” of the Netherlands Institute of Welding.

·         Honorary member (past secretary) of the “Lastechnische Discussiegroep Rotterdam, LDR” (Welding Discussion group Rotterdam).

·         Honorary member (past chairman and past secretary) of the Association “KINT” (Dutch Association for Quality, Inspection and Non-destructive Techniques).


Ing. Henk J. M. Bodt IWE